Testing Now ?

Welcome in this area dedicated to EBICS software vendors ...

This site allows tests on EBICS flow transfers between a vendor’s communication station and Elcimai Financial Software’s Espace Banque server.

Prior to using this service your subscription is required : you need to sign on and give your personal information (surname, first name, email and password).
A registration confirmation as well as a connection login linked to the password you entered when subscribing will be sent to you by email.
You can then directly access the EBICS flow testing area after entering both your login and password.

EBICS flow testing area :
When sending a file from your station, you will find in this area following functions :
 Selecting an EBICS version,
 Initialising the user through certificate transfers,
 Downloading information from the qualification server,
 Modifying a user through a change in related certificates,
 Downloading the client’s contract (data),
 Transferring a file + deciphering, uncompressing and checking the order signature,
 Downloading a file (ciphered and compressed data),
 Downloading your account history including a report of any related actions you have carried out.

Next : it will be possible to carry out tests with other vendors
of banking servers and the vendors of client stations.