Testing Now ?

Welcome in this area dedicated to EBICS users ...

For French Treasurers
The maintenance of the Transpac network is announced to end on
July 1st, 2011.
Accordingly any existing X.25 bank protocols (ETEBAC 3, ETEBAC 5,
PeSIT) will be replaced to migrate into IP networks. In such a context the CFONB has defined a new file transfer protocol to exchange files
on the Internet, which will come into general use from November 2009
on under the name of : EBICS.

This site aims to support Companies as well as Vendors in their
first test phase prior to the most important EDI change in the banking
sector that will migrate into the French V.2.4 or the German V2.3 and
V2.4 EBICS protocols.

For Europeans Banks and Treasurers in SEPA context
This site enables you from now on to test the interoperability of EBICS stations : authentication, signatures as well as integrity for any of
your file transfers.

Elcimai Financial Software has been a leading stakeholder in Bank EDI solutions and
in the relationships between banks and companies since 1985,
as the vendor of “Espace Banque” and “WeBank” », two financial telecommunication products. More than 50 banking houses trust us.

Using this site : In both sections ”Company Area” and “Vendor Area”
you can find any useful instructions to use this totally free site and have
a look onto your transfer test histories.
Information : This site keeps you regularly informed, in agreement with any Vendor and Bank partners involved, about any successful tests
carried out.
Soon : This site will allow you to check your XML/SEPA file formats, whatever protocols you use.